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STI-CO® Covert Antennas are the antenna of choice by thousands of law enforcement agencies for critical surveillance and undercover operations. They provide high quality two-way communication in antennas that are totally disguised, yet retain a strong signal on the entertainment radio. STI-CO® designed a series of innovative antennas specifically for police, fire, utility, and emergency vehicles, tow trucks, taxis, airport shuttles, etc. The Public safety sector needs an unbreakable antenna that will reduce replacement costs and save critical down time. STI-CO® rugged low profile line offers a wide variety of antennas that extend no more than 6 inches above the the body of the vehicle for use in harsh environments where longer whip antennas would break. These rugged antennas are available in a variety of frequencies.
Interoperable Antenna Manufacturer Tactical Antenna Manufacturer Antenna Accessory Manufacturer
The urgency of communicating between emergency responders at local, state, and federal levels in a disaster has been proven time and again. STI-CO® Interoperable Antennas complement gateway transmission systems during critical incidences, enabling first responders to communicate seamlessly. Field operations are demanding situations where communications between tactical teams is vital to the safety and success of the mission. With input from many field agents, STI-CO® has  developed several antenna systems for this specific purpose.  Our Tactical Antenna series is specific to the needs of setting up and operating a communications system away from established facilities. STI-CO® strives to provide the best product for our customers. So along with our high quality systems, we also extend a wide variety of accessories and helpful add-ons. From individual couplers and pre selectors, to cable kits and replacement parts, we aim to provide you with all the tools you need to complete the job.

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