PTC Dual Track Antenna

Customized Antenna Array for Railroads

Fully integrated, customized multi-antenna diversity system for PTC
Antenna combinations of 220 MHz, 7-800/PCS, 2.4/5.8 GHz and GPS
Choice of up to five high-frequency antennas per track
System includes two tracks as a full diversity system for each locomotive
Reduces installation time and expense with only one hole in locomotive per track
Antennas can be individually replaced for future upgrades with very little down time
Manufactured using highest quality corrosion resistant materials

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Heavy Duty Low Profile 220MHz product sheet
Roof Mount Dual Band 7-800/PCS product sheet
Roof Mount Dual Band 2.4 – 5.8 product sheet
High Gain Roof Mount GPS product sheet

Options Include:
Radome to protect antennas from packed snow and strike damage

STI-CO® Rugged Preselectors
For Locomotives, Base Stations and Waysides    
Pre-selector filters in 160 and 220 MHz to reduce intermodulation noise

High Performance design provides optimum filtering for on-board locomotive
frequency bands
Reduces system noise by blocking unwanted signals
Specifically designed for railroad PTC systems
High power capacity and rugged design

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